• Departing Australia superannuation payments (DASP) online system

    DASP online intermediary application system is a secure website where registered tax agents can claim superannuation on behalf of their temporary resident clients that have departed Australia and no longer have active visas.

    The payment which is known as a departing Australia superannuation payment (DASP) is non-assessable non-exempt income to which a final DASP withholding tax is applied by the payer. Neither the payment nor the tax can be included in the individual's income tax return.

    The DASP online intermediary application system can help you claim DASP on behalf of your clients by:

    • confirming whether a temporary resident's immigration status is eligible to apply for DASP through an online check with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)
    • locating all the temporary resident's super accounts
    • generating electronic DASP claims (which are sent to the holder of the account)
    • generally, removing the requirement to provide documentary evidence of proof of identity for temporary residents in support of claims when the withdrawal benefit is less than $5000.

    To be eligible to use the system you must:

    1. be either, a tax agent with full registration, or conditional tax agent registration for the purpose of claiming DASP, with the Tax Practitioner Board.
    2. apply for an Agreement for departing Australia superannuation payments
    3. obtain written authority from each client before claiming on their behalf.
    4. register this authority with us, by adding the clients to your ATO Client List in the Tax Agent Portal.
    5. have an ABN and an AUSkeyExternal Link
    Log in to the DASP online system

    Registered agents are not authorised to use the DASP online individual's application system to claim for clients, or to use myGov and ATO online services for individuals.

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