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  • Key changes

    We continue to update Online services for agents and Access Manager to:

    • align with legislative changes
    • enhance functionality based on your feedback.

    The functions available to you in the system are determined by the services you provide as a tax or BAS agent and your Access Manager permissions. This means you may not have access to view all available features.

    System updates

    Key updates we have made to Online services for agents and Access Manager include:

    July 2021

    Payment plan monitoring system changes

    Payment plans

    Client level payment plan monitoring

    • We have made it easier to keep track of whether your client is meeting the terms and conditions of their payment plans.
    • This change means we will be detecting missed scheduled instalments and overdue liabilities that aren’t being managed at the client level rather than the account level.
    • We will detect missed payments when your client is in a payment plan, including additional overdue liabilities that arise on any of their accounts
    • Clients will be informed of any new liabilities across all accounts.
    • Clients will be informed of any additional liabilities as they occur.

    Online services for agents

    Introduction of 'arrears status'

    • We are introducing a new payment plan status called ‘arrears’ which will give your clients an opportunity to catch up on missed payments or other tax obligations before their payment plan defaults.
    • View your client’s payment plan status from the 'Accounts and Payments' menu.
    • Click the help icon to see more detailed information about each payment plan status.

    New arrears letter introduced to support payment plan monitoring changes.

    • You may receive a letter from us informing you that your client's accounts are in arrears, and they have an opportunity to catch up before their payment plan defaults.
    • The letter will outline the minimum amount your client will need to pay now to prevent their payment plan defaulting and other actions you need to take (if your client has set up a preference to send correspondence to you as their agent, the letter will issue to the Online services for agents (OSfA) digital inbox).
    • Where the client is enabled for myGov, they will receive this letter through their myGov inbox.

    March 2021

    Online services for agents

    JobMaker Hiring Credit

    • View payments – you can view payments made for JobMaker Hiring Credit claims.
    • Amend – you can amend a submitted JobMaker Hiring Credit claim for a claim period that has not ended. Visit JobMaker Hiring Credit key dates.

    Lodge an objection – this form now includes fields for you to provide the:

    • grounds for the objection
    • reasons for your client not lodging the objection on time.

    It is no longer mandatory to upload an attachment to this form.

    February 2021

    Online services for agents

    JobMaker Hiring Credit – you can submit a JobMaker Hiring Credit claim.

    January 2021

    Online services for agents

    JobMaker Hiring Credit – you can view information about employees who have been nominated for the JobMaker Hiring Credit.

    December 2020

    Online services for agents

    JobMaker Hiring Credit – you can register your clients' intent to claim JobMaker Hiring Credit.

    Payment plans – up-front payment and instalment amounts will be pre-populated based on information we hold about your client. You can adjust these fields to suit your client’s current situation.

    Pay as you go withholding variation (PAYGWV) application – you can lodge, view and amend PAYGWV application.

    October 2020

    Online services for agents

    Business – COVID-19:

    • View payments – you can view payment details for JobKeeper extension reimbursements that have been processed.
    • Financial institution details – you can view, add, update or remove financial institution details for the JobKeeper role.

    September 2020

    Online services for agents

    Critical response account – a new account type for your clients who have participated in initiatives to support those affected by natural disasters or other unforeseen events including JobKeeper.

    Taxable payments annual report (TPAR) – you can save a TPAR report that you have in progress and return to it later.

    Non-lodgment advice (NLA) for Taxable payments annual report (TPAR) – you can view the NLA lodgment date and receipt ID in History.

    Account summary – Activity statement accounts – you can filter this account by Income tax year.

    STP Reporting:

    • Requests for STP transitional deferral or Small Business Reporting Concession (SBRC) can now be applied for using the STP deferrals and exemptions tool. Bulk requests are no longer available.
    • Requests for quarterly reporting concessions for your micro employer clients can now be made using the Concessional reporting option.

    June 2020

    Access Manager

    Access history report – use this report to view when authorised users access information in Online services for agents. Details include the date and time the user logged in and which client record they accessed. You can download a report for one or all your authorised users.

    Update history report – this is the new name for the View Access Manager history report. You can use this report to view when you created an authorisation.

    Client list Bulk Download permission – authorised users can now only view the practices' client list in Online services for agents. If they need to download the client list, the principal authority or authorisation administrator can select this permission to give them access. The principal authority or authorisation administrator have automatic download access. The download limit remains at 3,500 clients.

    Online services for agents

    Activity statement and Taxable payments annual report – the word 'Lodge' has been replaced with 'Prepare'.

    Annual pay as you go (PAYG) instalment form – you can submit annual elections for up to 20 clients in one request.

    Account transactions – you can link from the general interest charge (GIC) debit or credit amounts to the corresponding GIC calculations.

    May 2020

    Online services for agents

    Deceased estatesAdd client – allows you to add a deceased person to your client list by completing the declaration advising you've been engaged by an executor or administrator who has a grant of probate or letters of administration.

    March 2020

    Online services for agents

    Payment plans – you can:

    • view your clients' historical payment plans for the past two years (this does not include activity statement payment plans that have been completed, cancelled or defaulted before 1 January 2020).
    • adjust or cancel payment plans for a client without contacting us (in most situations).

    Payments – you can store, update or remove a client’s card details online. You can also use existing stored credit card details to make payments online, including one-off payments.

    Account transactions – you can link from the debit or credit amount to the related activity statement or tax return.

    Communication preferences – you can set where your client's digital communications are sent.

    Client mail Inbox – this mailbox will be available if you have set up communication preferences. Where the communication preference for a client is set to your practice, the mail will be sent to this inbox.

    Tax accounts – this menu includes the Tax type summary report link.

    Non-lodgment advice (RNN/FRNN) for non-individuals – this is available when your client is not required to lodge a particular tax return or not required to lodge any future tax returns.

    Non-lodgment advice (NLA) for Taxable payments annual report (TPAR) – you can lodge an NLA to update our records if your client is not required to lodge a TPAR.


    Employer contributions – you can view employer contributions made to defined benefit funds at the Fund details and Employer contributions screens. The Employer contributions screen has also been expanded to include historical data back to 1 July 2018.

    Non-employer contributions (such as personal contributions) – you can view these at the Fund details screen.

    Limited recourse borrowing arrangements (LRBA) amounts – these are available at the Total superannuation balance screen. You or your self-managed superannuation fund clients will no longer have to manually calculate these amounts.

    January 2020

    Online services for agents

    Payment plans – direct debit is available for activity statements.

    Activity statement due dates – includes your eligible concessional due dates, meaning your clients will also see the same due date.

    Accounts – activity statement and franking deficit tax accounts are in a single system. Transaction descriptions have been simplified and abbreviated for common tax types. Statement of account transactions are in a summarised view that you can expand to see full account details.

    December 2019

    Online services for agents

    Deceased estatesAdd client – includes a declaration to allow a legal personal representative to access a deceased client's information. We will remove access to the client when we receive official notification of their death. If you are their legal personal representative, you can add the client and review and complete the declaration that you are authorised to access the information.

    Activity statements – screens redesigned with less white space to reduce scrolling and rows viewed. The Not lodged tab has been renamed For action and has more prompts for the actions required.

    PAYG instalment label T9 – you can now edit the amount in T9.

    Advanced search – the system will remember your search preference for how many results are returned on a page. Choose 10, 25, 50 or 100 clients per page.

    Print friendly – you can use your web browser print option to print from the system. Where available, we recommend you use the print friendly option from within the system.

    Income tax lodgment status on demand report – you can now filter this report by All clients, Lodged, Not lodged and Return not necessary.

    Shares and units – a new pre-generated report is available for tax agents in the Client report menu. It shows the buy and sell transaction history for a client's shares and units. This data is from ATO-held securities records for 1 July 2017 onwards. It can help you manually calculate capital gains tax (CGT) when completing a client's tax return.

    Transfer balance election – the system will now prevent an excess transfer balance election for a determination period if your client has already made an election for that period or the election period has expired.

    ESIC report – you can now view up to 100 reportable investors in the report.

    September 2019

    Online services for agents

    Payment plans – tax agents can select if they or their client receives an email or SMS reminder when their payment is due.


    A new Concessional contributions menu is available when you select Super then Information. You can see your client's unused concessional contributions and the data we use to derive their unused concessional contribution cap.

    A new electronic service address function is available at Profile then Client details for clients with a self-managed super fund (SMSF). You can add or update the electronic service address alias. This is not an email address but the SMSF's IP or URL that represents the SMSF's messaging provider.

    August 2019

    Online services for agents

    Pre-fill reports – you can use Reports and forms to view or download pre-fill reports for up to five clients at a time. Select the report format – view in a browser or download in XML, CSV or HTML. Then add each client using their identifier or name. Predictive search will be used if you type more than three characters.

    June 2019

    Online services for agents

    Taxable payments annual report – you can use the Lodgment function to view a list of lodged reports or lodge and amend a report. Lodge up to 20 payees on one report. See the reports that are due on the For action screen.

    March 2019

    Online services for agents

    STP – to request a deferral or exemption for starting Single Touch Payroll reporting, you no longer have to contact us or download and attach a separate request. You can complete your request in the system. You'll receive an instant notification letting you know the request has been either accepted or sent for assessment.

    Superannuation – transaction information is available in Fund details. You can view and download the super fund transaction amounts paid by your client's employer and funds that closed on or after 1 July 2018.

    • At Employer contributions, you can view and download information and transactions relating to your client's employer contributions from 1 July 2018 (these include the type of contribution, payment date and year-to-date contributions).
    • View bring-forward arrangement details, including the remaining balance and transfer balance cap details.
    • Lodge transfer balance account reports for individual clients.
    • Lodge elections for your clients for Division 293 and the concessional, non-concessional and transfer balance caps.

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