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  • ELS internet protocol networks

    IP networks

    The two choices of internet protocol (IP) networks you can use for the ELS are:

    • dial IP
    • the internet.

    ELS dial IP

    The ELS dial IP network is a dedicated dial-up network for ELS users. If you are a first time ELS dial IP user, you will need to agree to us capturing the full national phone number called to connect to the service. This is an additional security feature.


    The internet network allows you to connect to the ELS via your existing internet connections. The speed, reliability and cost of lodging over the internet will depend on the type of connection and access plan you have with your internet service provider (ISP).

    Choosing a network

    Your choice of network will depend on your circumstances and business requirements. If you are:

    • in a region where internet service is inadequate, such as slow service or frequent drop outs, the dial IP network is likely to provide a more reliable service
    • using the internet network and have a high speed internet service, you will find internet transmissions faster
    • accessing the internet network via ADSL/broadband, you are not subject to local phone call charges that apply to phone dial-up access
    • using the internet, you should ensure you have appropriate security, such as a firewall, anti-virus software, and possibly adware protection
      • dial IP is a secure network and you do not need this security if you only use this network from your ELS lodgment computer system
      • if you use dial IP for lodgment and the internet for email from the same computer, you still need internet security measures on your system.

    Secure IP networks transmissions

    The internet and the ELS dial IP networks both incorporate the Cisco virtual private network (VPN) client/AnyConnect functionality. This provides a secure tunnel from your computer to our server. The secure tunnel uses data encryption and authentication protocols to ensure information is not compromised and cannot be viewed by another party.

    Cisco VPN client/AnyConnect

    Cisco VPN client/AnyConnect is software that provides internet protocol security (IPSec/SSL) functionality. It is bundled as a separate install with your third party ELS software. Before you can use the dial IP or internet networks for an ELS lodgment, you must install this software. It works in conjunction with our VPN/AnyConnect concentrator to perform encryption and other security functions. You are bound by the terms of the Cisco VPN client/AnyConnect software license that are displayed when installing Cisco VPN client/AnyConnect.

    Cisco VPN client/AnyConnect and firewall software

    It is likely you will need to configure your firewall to allow Cisco VPN client/AnyConnect to connect to our concentrator.

    Setting-up a network and Cisco VPN client/AnyConnect

    If you use a permanent (ADSL/broadband) internet connection, there is no network configuration required. If you use dial-up for either the internet or dial IP, you will usually configure the network authentication information and dial-up phone number into your software. The installation kit from your provider should include the necessary information on how to enter the network configuration information.

    ATO access code 1 and 2 will always be needed by your software as these codes are required by Cisco VPN client/AnyConnect. We will provide you with this information by registered mail. We don't change these codes unless they are compromised and they only need to be entered once.

    ATO access to data

    We are only able to receive transmissions of the ELS data and send validation and transmission reports to you when you connect to the ELS. We cannot:

    • share or access any other information while the transmission is in progress
    • initiate a connection to your personal computer over either of the ELS IP networks/gateways.

    Changing your network

    You can change your mind about which network/gateway you use. Your software product should allow you to change it whenever you want. The ability to swap networks/gateways provides additional back up if one of the networks/gateways experience problems.

    Using the ELS via an ADSL/broadband fast link

    You can use the ELS via an ADSL/broadband fast link. Your ELS software package should allow you to access the ELS via your ADSL fast link connection.

    ADSL/Broadband does not provide access to the ELS dial IP network. You will need a separate modem and phone line if you use the ELS dial IP.

    Costs of using the ELS IP networks/gateways

    ELS dial IP

    We will absorb all ELS dial IP charges. However, there is the cost of a local phone call that is incurred every time you use a dial-up modem and we do not pay this charge.


    The internet network is accessed through your ISP and any charges are incurred under your ISP contract. If you have an unlimited download contract, you will not incur any additional charges for ELS lodgments. If you do not have a permanent internet connection, there is the cost of a local phone call each time you use a dial-up modem. The ELS lodgment network traffic is typically tiny compared with other internet usage, such as an internet browser. Therefore, any ISP charge associated with the ELS is likely to be relatively insignificant.

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