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  • Communication preferences

    You can use Activity statement lodgment notifications to choose who receives the email notification that your clients' activity statements are ready for lodgment.

    You only need to update the Activity statement lodgment notifications setting if you want to change where we currently send your clients' notifications.

    No matter who is selected to receive the notification, you can view and lodge the activity statement in Online services for agents or the practitioner lodgment service.

    Note: This function is for notifications only. The lodgment channel is determined by how the activity statement is lodged either, digital, myGov, or paper.

    You can choose the Activity statement lodgment notification when adding a new client. To update the Activity statement lodgment notification for an existing client:

    • select a client
    • select Profile then Email addresses to check the email address the notification currently goes to is correct. To update
      • select Update next to relevant account
    • select Profile then Communication preferences
    • at Activity statement lodgment notifications, if this is the first time you have viewed or updated the notifications neither the Practice or Client options will be selected, as we don't record this information in our systems
    • select Filter to filter by account number when there is more than one account
    • select Practice or Client if you have confirmed the email addresses are correct. You can also check the email address using the check email link at the top of the screen
    • select All or the individual account. If this is read-only, another agent is linked to this client at the activity statement level
    • select the dropdown next to the activity statement to view the Lodgment preference. It will be Digital, Paper or myGov and is the channel used to lodge the activity statement. If you lodge online for your client it will default to Digital
    • select Apply

    Communication history – client summary

    Communication history is available at the practice and Client summary. Use the client summary to view or send messages relevant to your client.

    Communications are available to retrieve from 1 July 2008 onwards. For what is available see Communication history.

    To view:

    • select a client
    • select Profile then Communication history
    • Filter by  
      • time period – Last 24 hours, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, Last 5 years or enter your start and end dates.
      • channel – myGov, email, SMS or Paper
    • results will display for the roles you are authorised for. If you don't select a period then the last five years will display
    • select Download – a new window will open with the search results as an Excel spreadsheet (CSV) or HTML
    • select Print friendly version to print or save a copy.
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