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    On this page you can find the instructions for specific functions under the My practice menu.

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    Favourite clients

    The Favourite clients feature lets you add to your homepage a list of clients you regularly access. You can then select the identifier in the list to go directly to the client summary. The list is saved against your login so you can customise the list to meet your needs.

    You can add up to 30 clients. Clients will display in alphabetical order.

    You can also add or remove clients from the Favourite feature, client summary or advanced search.

    Note: Your homepage must be customised before creating a list. You will only need to do this once.

    To add or remove clients:

    • from the Favourite client feature, select More. To remove a client select X
    • from the Client summary screen, select or deselect the Favourite star
    • from an Advanced search, select or deselect the Favourite star next to the client's name.

    Note: When a client is removed from your client list, it does not automatically remove them from your Favourite clients list – you will need to do this manually.

      Last modified: 24 Jun 2019QC 54079