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  • Public beta

    Australian Government agencies conduct beta testing processes when building systems created for public use. After completing private and public beta testing, Online services for agents is now the default login option. It can be used to access services you use in the tax and BAS agent portals, as well as new services.

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    Co-designing the new system

    When co-designing the new system, we listened to feedback from you and private beta participants on issues you experienced with existing portals, to refine functionality in the new service.

    We worked with many tax and BAS agents to test the system in a live environment. Participants included agents from around the country in regional and metropolitan areas and from practices of varying sizes, from sole practitioners to larger national firms. This group of private beta participants provided valuable feedback to help us improve our services before public beta testing.

    From January to March 2019 we progressively opened the Online services for agents public beta to all agents.

    After testing and further enhancements, including adding Activity statement lodgment notifications to the new service, we closed the public beta to BAS agents on 28 May.

    We closed the public beta for tax agents on 17 August.

    Similar services are being made available to your digital service providers to include in your practice management software. The timing of when these services will be built into commercial software is their decision. We'll continue to consult and co-design with you and your digital service providers to determine priorities for this transition, and the most effective way to deliver these changes.

    Providing feedback

    We welcome all feedback. To provide us with feedback, select Give us feedback located at the bottom of each screen in Online services for agents and provide as much detail as possible.

    The following video shows some of the feedback we have received from agents who participated in the private beta.


    Media: [Online services for agents - agent testimonials] Link (Duration: 02:05)

    Known issues that prevent you from completing an action in the system are listed on our troubleshooting page. Check this page to see if we already know about the issue. If the issue is already listed on this page, you won't need to provide your feedback.

    What we do with your feedback

    We use your feedback to determine and prioritise future enhancements to the system by:

    • collating and analysing the feedback you provide to help us understand your experience and needs
    • using feedback to determine the priority for fixing any identified issues, like those listed on the troubleshooting page
    • using your feedback to determine if improvements can be made to the system.

    Your feedback is valuable. We are unable to provide individual responses to all feedback we receive, but we may contact you if we need clarity on the feedback you have provided.

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