Getting ready to transition

Confirming your software update plan

Depending on your practice management software, you may simply receive your usual tax time software upgrade to begin lodging through the PLS.

However, you may need to set aside additional time for training and other preparation.

Your software provider will contact you

The timing for your transition to the PLS will depend on your software provider. You may already be lodging some forms through the PLS.

Software providers will be transitioning gradually to the PLS throughout the year.

Your software provider will contact you to advise what you need to do to update your software, and if there are any additional steps that differ from your usual software update process.

Authenticating your software

To ensure you can continue to lodge tax returns through the PLS, you need to check your AUSkey credentials are up to date.

Your software provider will guide you on which steps you need to take.

Online (cloud based) software

If you use online SBR-enabled software you will no longer use your AUSkey to interact with us through your software. Your software provider will make this possible.

Once you're contacted by your software provider you must notify us.

Follow the directions to notify us of a hosted SBR software service, if your software provider advises that you are affected by this change.

If you don't notify us and continue to lodge with a shared client AUSkey, your AUSkey may be revoked, as this is a breach of AUSkey terms and conditionsExternal Link.

See also:

Desktop software

You will need to check and assign lodgment permissions for you and your staff in Access Manager to continue lodging when you switch to the PLS.

To give your staff access to the clients of your registered agent number, you need to authorise their AUSkey in Access Manager and give them the necessary permissions to lodge. This process is similar to assigning permissions for your staff to access client records in the portals.

Only Administrator or Access Administrators will be able to set the lodgment permissionsExternal Link for users.

Next steps:

  • Follow these instructions for Access Manager to assign permissions to AUSkey holders to lodge for the relevant clients and forms.

Other software and the portals

This change does not affect how you authenticate when using the portals, the electronic commerce interface (ECI) or any other AUSkeyExternal Link-enabled products.

Maintaining access to the portals is essential as it allows you access to a range of tools, services and information about clients' records, including the Client communication list (CCL).

You can continue to manage your AUSkey access through Access Manager.

Last modified: 02 Aug 2016QC 49234