• Changes to lodgment

    Pre-lodge checking

    Pre-lodge checks will ensure the form you want to submit is filled out correctly, and can be accepted by ATO systems. Pre-lodge checks will:

    • confirm some data in the form against our systems or pre-determined algorithms
    • confirm your authority to lodge on the clients' behalf
    • improve security around updating client records
    • reduce delays in processing submitted forms.

    Pre-lodge checking is more sophisticated than what was previously available in the ELS.


    When entering a client's Bank State Branch (BSB) number, the ELS was only able to verify that numerical characters had been input into the field. The PLS now includes a check to ensure that account details provided on returns include only valid Australian BSB numbers. This check is designed to reduce the likelihood of delays for potential client refunds.

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    Verifying your client's information

    Before you lodge, your SBR-enabled software can verify your client's identity information with our records to ensure they are correct. Currently, these checks will only occur when you're preparing individual tax returns.

    Checking your client's details match our records is an opportunity to confirm or correct the information before you lodge. This prevents delays in processing returns or expected client refunds.

    Read about the Interactive check – individual tax return process in the PLS user guide.

    To avoid errors and help stamp-out tax fraud through identity crime, it's important you take steps to check the identity of individuals asking you to act on their behalf – particularly if your interactions with the client are only online.

    You can make changes to your client's details through the PLS in real-time. These changes will be immediately reflected on our systems.

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    Error codes

    You may receive an error code during your pre-lodge check, before you can lodge through the PLS. These errors can relate to:

    • information missing or incorrectly placed on the form
    • authorisation issues
    • problems with the channel or form lodgment.

    If an error is found, your software may not allow the data to be transmitted until the error has been corrected.

    You can find PLS errors and their resolution instructions in the PLS user guide.

    You can also check the SBR websiteExternal Link for the current SBR system status.

    Lodgment verification

    Your lodgment verification experience may be different when you move to the PLS. Your software provider will guide you on what to expect when you begin lodging through the PLS.

    Validation report numbers (like those available in the ELS) are no longer available in the PLS. However, your software may provide you with some form of lodgment confirmation. You can find more details on Confirmation of lodgment (transmission response) in the PLS user guide.

    If you have a query about a form you've lodged, you'll need to provide us with the client identifier when calling.

    Transaction and response times

    The expected transaction and response times may vary depending on your software, internet connection and number of lodgments being submitted.

    If you don't receive a success or fail message after lodging a form, you should check the portal for a lodgment confirmation – before trying to lodge again.

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    Duplicate lodgments

    To prevent lodgment of duplicate forms, make sure you follow your software provider's lodgment verification process before re-submitting a form.

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