• Tax professional services

    Where services and information are available online, use those channels first. For queries that can't be resolved online, our phone services are available.

    Online services guide

    Use the Online services guides to work out how best to complete your query or transaction online.

    Phone services guide

    Use the Phone services guides to find the right phone number for the topic you need to call us about.

    If there is no online option for your query or our online channels are unavailable, registered tax and BAS agents can use the registered agent phone line.

    Phone 13 72 86 between 8.00am and 8.00pm (your local time), Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

    For help with the PLS use the registered agent phone line, 13 72 86 and Fast Key Code 3 1 2.

    Before you phone, check you have your:

    • registered agent number (RAN)
    • proof of identity.

    PLS deferrals

    If PLS system issues prevent you from lodging client forms on time, you can request a PLS deferral.

    This assistance is available where an issue in PLS prevents you from lodging within 48 hours of a lodgment due date.

    For full details of when to request a PLS deferral, and the process to follow to make a request, see Requesting a PLS deferral.

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