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  • Getting access and setting permissions

    Before you start using the PLS, you will need:

    You will also need to set permissions through Access Manager.

    SBR-enabled software

    Standard Business Reporting (SBR) is a standardised approach to online or digital record-keeping that simplifies business reporting obligations. SBR is built into many business/accounting software packages, making them 'SBR-enabled'.

    Before you use the PLS, you will need to have SBR-enabled software. To find out more about SBR-enabled software options, including upgrades and installation, talk to your technology adviser or digital service provider.

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    Access requirements for SBR-enabled software

    The access requirements for SBR-enabled software are different depending on whether you have desktop or hosted (cloud-based) software.

    Desktop software

    Desktop software users must:

    Hosted (cloud-based) software

    For practices using hosted (cloud-based) software the practice must notify us of your hosted SBR software service before attempting to lodge, either by:

    • phoning 1300 85 22 32
    • setting up the notification through Access Manager (if you're an Administrator AUSkey holder or Access Administrator).

    Software installation issues

    For any enquiries about accessing, downloading or installing SBR-enabled software, contact your digital service provider.

    The way you access and activate forms in the PLS will vary depending on your choice of software.


    An AUSkey is a secure login that you need to access many online government services, including the PLS.

    If you don’t already have an AUSkey, you will need to register for one.

    Unable to log in or verify your AUSkey?

    If you're unable to log in using your AUSkey, you can either:

    See also:

    Access Manager

    Access Manager is used to manage access and permissions for our online services, including the PLS. An Administrator will need to set relevant permissions in Access Manager for your staff.

    An Administrator is either:

    • a user with an Administrator AUSkey
    • a user with a Standard AUSkey that is set as 'Access Administrator' in Access Manager. Permissions available in Access Manager vary depending on the online channel or system you are using.

    If you're using hosted (cloud-based) software, you do not need to set up permissions, but you need to notify us of a hosted SBR software service.

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