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  • Requesting a PLS deferral

    If you or your clients are experiencing system issues affecting your ability to lodge through the SBR-enabled practitioner lodgment service (PLS) by a due date, help is available.

    You can request a PLS lodgment and payment deferral if the issue occurs within 48 hours of a lodgment due date. The PLS deferral period is for seven days from the lodgment due date.

    You should only use this process if you are lodging through the SBR-enabled PLS and are experiencing one of the following issues preventing you from lodging:

    • ATO system outage
    • ATO system slowness
    • software incident
    • ATO incident.

    If you are unable to lodge client forms for another reason, for example, an issue with the Tax or BAS agent portal, you can request a deferral using the existing lodgment program deferrals process.

    If there is an issue that affects all tax professionals, we will provide appropriate support, for example through a bulk deferral. In this instance, we will inform you that you do not need to make your own request for additional time to lodge. Check the Tax professionals newsroom for updates.

    Making a request

    You can request a PLS deferral by sending a portal mail message using the topic of Debt and lodgment with subject PLS deferral request containing the following information:

    • your contact details
    • your software package details
    • whether you are a tax professional or digital service provider
    • registered agent number (RANs) – multiple RANs can be listed and you can attach an Excel spreadsheet listing all RANs if that is easier
    • lodgment obligations affected – income tax (IT), fringe benefits tax (FBT) or activity statement (AS)
    • system issue that prevents lodgment – outage, slowness, software or ATO incident.

    We will contact you if you have not provided all the necessary information to process your request. You may wish to attach a spreadsheet to your portal mail message listing details of all clients whose lodgment is affected by the issue.

    This process does not replace existing arrangements in place for tax practitioners who require additional time to lodge.

    After you submit your request

    Processing may take up to three business days. Do not resend a further request within the three day processing period. This may cause delays in processing your original request.

    When your request has been processed, you will receive a portal mail message confirmation. The new deferred due date for clients will display on the Tax Agent Portal or client list, within a period of time that allows for system processing.

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