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  • Tax professionals conversations webcasts

    Tax professionals conversations is our series of free, one-hour webcasts (livestreams) for the tax profession.

    Covering key topics relevant to you, your practice and your clients, the livestreams feature a panel of experts including:

    • members of professional associations
    • registered tax and BAS agents
    • digital service providers (software developers)
    • senior ATO staff.

    During our webcasts, you can use the live chat facility to ask our panel of experts questions and interact with other viewers. The webcasts are recorded and available to watch later, if you miss them live.

    On this page:

    Upcoming webcasts

    The next webcast is scheduled for 2022.

    You don't need to register for upcoming webcasts. When the link to the webcast is available, we will add it here. To watch the webcast, just select the link on the day.

    We will promote upcoming webcasts in our:

    Join the conversation

    You can take part in the webcasts by submitting your questions and comments:

    • before the live webcast – email
    • during the live webcast – use the live chat facility on the webcast webpage.

    After the webcast, the conversation doesn't have to end when the camera stops rolling. Keep it going on the Tax professionals segment on ATO CommunityExternal Link, a place where you can engage with us and each other.

    Participating in our webcasts may contribute towards your continuing professional education (CPE).

    For more information, contact your professional association, or visit the Tax Practitioners BoardExternal Link website.

    Recordings and transcripts

    If you miss a Tax professionals conversations webcast, you can view a recording soon after it's held. We offer both on-demand recordings (videos) and transcripts of our webcasts.

    We will let you know when the recordings are available in our:

    Past webcasts

    Monthly business declarations for JobKeeper Fortnights in March need to be completed by 14 April 2021 to receive final JobKeeper payments. The JobKeeper Payment scheme finished on 28 March 2021.

    Recordings of some of our more recent webcasts are available:

    Webcast troubleshooting

    To reduce buffering and stalling during the webcast, ensure you close any unnecessary applications. If possible, reduce the number of staff accessing your network at one time.

    If you watch the webcast on a mobile device via a 3G or 4G connection, the buffering will be related to the quality of your mobile carrier’s connection.

    For more hints and tips on viewing the webcast, visit the webcast link and select the Test page button. This will also allow you to check before the event whether you are able to view the webcast.

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