• Pre-filling 2012

    Changes in 2012

    The Pre-filling report 2012 incorporated some changes as a result of a range of tax agent co-design and consultation activities. Most of the messages throughout the report have been revised to make them more succinct.

    We continue to work closely with data providers, such as employers, financial institutions and share registries, to improve the quality of the data we receive and encourage them to send their data to us earlier than required by law. Our aim is to provide better-quality data sooner for the pre-fill service.

    The Pre-filling report 2012 included the following enhancements.

    Flood levy message (new section)

    A message will display for clients who 'received an emergency relief payment and may be eligible for flood levy exemption'.

    ATO interest (new section)

    ATO interest totals will not be provided in the pre-fill reports for the 2013 and prior income years. A message will let you know that your client has ATO interest on their account. A manual calculation of interest deductions and income will be required.

    See also:

    Work related self-education message

    In relation to the Anstis decision, a message will display in the prior year section of the report for those clients who claimed or were allowed a deduction in the previous year. The message advises that 'from 2012 deductions for self-education expenses may not be claimable against government assistance payments'.

    Spouse tax offset message

    A message displays in the prior year section for taxpayers who claimed the spouse tax offset last year, advising of changes to eligibility.

    For more information about prior-year pre-filling reports, see:

    For general information about pre-filling, refer to pre-filling service on the Tax agent Portal.

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