• Interest income

    Information reported to us by financial institutions will display for item 10 – Gross interest.

    Information will generally be available within a couple of days of it being reported and consists of:

    • interest-bearing accounts, including savings accounts, term deposits and fixed interest securities
    • individual sole and joint accounts – for example
      • husband and wife joint accounts will be displayed
      • business partnership, trust, and superannuation accounts will not be displayed.

    Apportioned amounts are calculated according to the number of investment owners reported by the financial institution.

    If your client needs the full account details to query an amount with the third-party provider, they can phone us on 13 28 61 for details.

    There may be instances where the interest from children's bank accounts is pre-filled for the parent – see Interest from non-formal trust accounts for details.

    You may also notice an amount of investment income that belongs to a linked non-individual, such as a superannuation or trust fund – see Non-individual investment income for details.

      Last modified: 08 Jul 2016QC 34683