• Managed funds distributions

    Managed investment funds will provide distribution income details as reported in the Annual investment income report (AIIR).

    Information will generally be available within a couple of days of it being reported and consists of:

    • item 13 – Partnerships and trusts
    • item 18 – Capital gains
    • item 19 – Foreign entities
    • item 20 – Foreign source income and foreign assets or property.

    You will be able to view details of:

    • a list of managed fund accounts
    • sole and joint investments (as an individual) – for example
      • husband and wife joint investments will be displayed
      • business partnership investments will not be displayed.

    Apportioned amounts are calculated according to the number of investment owners reported by the financial institution.

    If the pre-filled information doesn't match your client's distribution statement, use the information the fund manager provided to your client – contact the managed fund if you have any questions.

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