• Pre-filling 2014

    This included information on:

    What’s new in 2014?

    The 2014 pre-filling report contained the following changes as a result of new government measures and consultation with tax agents:

    We have also removed the capital gains tax (CGT) class rulings section.

    ATO interest

    For the 2014 pre-filling report

    The business rules currently used to determine the ATO interest amounts provided in the pre-filling report may not capture every client circumstance and, in some instances, the amounts to be declared will need to be manually calculated. This is because there are exceptions which can alter the assessable or deductible amounts applicable to your client’s tax return.

    Where our systems indicate that these exceptions may apply to your client (such as where your client has lodged late returns or been released from debt), the pre-filling report will not display an ATO interest amount. Instead, a message will be displayed advising that your client has ATO interest on their account.

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    For prior-year pre-filling reports

    From 1 July 2014, ATO interest totals will not be provided in the pre-filling reports for the 2013 and prior income tax years. In these circumstances, a message will let you know that your client has ATO interest on their account.

    In those cases where we have not provided ATO interest amounts or you have determined the pre-filling report will not capture your client’s circumstance, you will need to refer to your client’s statement of account and other source documents for this information.

    Aggregated totals

    We provide aggregated totals for interest and dividends at the top of these sections in the 2014 pre-filling report. This will make it easier for you to reconcile the amounts against your client's records.

    Account numbers

    We now display full unmasked account numbers instead of providing only the last three digits for interest income and farm managed deposits. This is to assist your client in identifying their individual records against the data reported to us from their financial institution. This will also assist them in following up on discrepancies as they will now be able to quote the full account number to the data provider.

    Managed fund distributions

    We now display new data for managed fund distributions including:

    • franked distributions from trusts
    • net income from trusts
    • net foreign rent
    • capital gains
    • other deductions relating to amounts shown at net income from trusts.

    Farm managed deposits

    A change to the reporting of data on farm managed deposits to us may result in incomplete pre-filling. If the data provided in the pre-filling report is different from your client’s records, you should use the information provided by the client.

    Private health insurance

    Extra lines of data will display for your clients as a result of the 2013–14 law change. From 1 April 2014, all rebate percentages are adjusted annually. This means client rebate percentage for premiums paid before 1 April 2014 will be different to the rebate percentage for premiums paid on or after 1 April 2014. Extra benefit codes have been added to distinguish which period the data relates to.

    Other general changes

    We have improved the display of a number of labels, descriptions and messages.

    For more information about prior-year pre-filling reports, see:

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