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  • Managing your Practice Inbox

    When you first set up your portal access, you also need to set up your Practice Inbox. To access your Practice inbox, you must:

    • be an Administrator for your practice, or
    • have been given access to other mailboxes in Access Manager.

    Replying and allocating messages

    Portal messages are secure so there is no option in the portal to forward them. Instead, they need to be selected and allocated to another user's Inbox.

    Where to start

    To reply to, or allocate a message received in your Practice inbox, the message must first be allocated to a personal Inbox. This can be your own Inbox or an Inbox owned by someone else in your practice.

    Login to the portal:

    • select Mail from the left hand menu
    • select the Practice inbox from the drop down menu
    • select Change – you will be taken to the Practice inbox and a list of messages will appear
    • check the box next to the message you want
    • select Allocate – a list of users in your practice will appear
    • highlight the appropriate user's name
    • select Submit. The message will then disappear from your list and appear on the new user's list.

    Once allocated, the user needs to:

    • select the message
    • select the Reply button  
      • include all the relevant information in the message
      • attach all supporting information
      • send the reply.

    The following rules apply when replying to Practice inbox messages:

    After replying to the message, you will be issued with a receipt number. A copy of the message will be stored in your Mail – Sent items.

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