Using portal reports

There are two types of reports available.

  • On-demand reports provide information current at the request time
  • Pre-generated reports provide historical and current information for your clients. We update these regularly.

You can choose to view a report list relevant to a selected client or all clients of your practice.

On-demand reports

On-demand reports provide up-to-date information about your clients. Once requested, the report should be available for download overnight.

If you have a small client list, it may be ready within a couple of hours. However, delays may occur at peak times.

The on-demand reports available are:

  • Income tax lodgment status report – shows whether your clients:
    • have lodged
    • have not lodged
    • are not expected to lodge income tax returns for the current financial year and the three previous years.
  • Outstanding activity statement report – lists all outstanding activity statements for your clients for the current financial year and the previous three years.

Pre-generated reports

Pre-generated reports are updated regularly. The date the data was refreshed is shown on each report.

The pre-generated reports available are:

  • client account running balance
  • pay as you go (PAYG) income tax instalments
  • year to date interest summary
  • year to date revenue product summary
  • year to date excise revenue product summary
  • pre-filling report
  • family trust elections (FTE) and interposed entity elections (IEE).
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