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  • Client directory

    The client directory displays a complete list of all your clients – that is, all taxpayers with your registered agent number on their records in our specific systems.

    The client directory has a range of functions including:

    • add or delete a client record
    • access specific client information
    • search for clients by name or by tax obligations, such as income tax, activity statement, fringe benefits tax (FBT), or excise.

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    Detailed help on using the client directory is available on Tax Agent Portal Help:

    Clients not included in the directory

    Security-assessed clients: Clients who are classified by us as 'security assessed' will not appear on the client directory. For privacy reasons, we have restricted access to these clients and their details will not be shown on the portal.

    Restricted clients: Clients who you have classified as 'restricted' will not appear on the client directory. You can restrict who can view a client's details using Access Manager. You may want to restrict access to clients you deem to be sensitive, such as high-profile people, politicians or even your own records.

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    For more detail on how to do this, see How do I keep my client details private?External Link

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