• Hobby or business

    It is important to determine whether the partnership is carrying on a business, as distinct from pursuing a hobby, sport or recreational activity that does not produce assessable income.

    The factors or ‘business indicators’ that various courts and tribunals have taken into account in determining if a business exists for tax purposes include whether the activity:

    • has actually started
    • has a significant commercial purpose or character
    • is undertaken with a purpose of profit, as well as a prospect of profit
    • is carried out in a manner that is characteristic of the industry
    • has repetition, regularity or continuity
    • is planned, organised and carried on in a business-like manner
    • is of a sufficient size, scale and permanency to generate a profit
    • is not more properly described as a hobby, recreation or sporting activity.

    For more information, see 'Business or hobby?' in Starting your own business.

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