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  • Updating client details

    The quickest way to update your client's details is online by using the practitioner lodgment service (PLS) or Online services for agents.

    You can update a client's address and name details as follows.

    On this page:

    Address changes

    You can elect to have different postal addresses for a client's dealings with us.

    Income tax address

    A client's income tax address is automatically updated when an income tax return is lodged. However, this will not automatically update other addresses. You will need to update your other addresses separately.

    Activity statements address

    You can update a client's address for receiving correspondence from us by:

    Name changes for individuals and sole traders

    If any of your individual clients need to lodge returns under a name that is not current on our records, it will need to be updated with us before you lodge their income tax return.

    Your clients can update their name with us by quoting details from an 'identity' document that we will then verify.

    Your client can log in to myGovExternal Link and select ATO from their linked services, then choose Update contact details.

    If they don't have a myGov account, find out how they can create one at myGov account and linking to the ATO.

    Alternatively, you can update their details by phoning us on 13 72 86 Fast Key Code 1 2 5 2 and providing information from your client’s identity document.

    Identity documents

    Identity documents we can verify are:

    • Australian birth certificate (full certificate, not an extract)
    • Australian marriage certificate
    • Australian change of name certificate.

    We will verify the identity document details with the issuing agencies.

    Lodging prior-year returns

    When lodging income tax returns for multiple years, even when lodged on or around the same day, you must use your client’s most current information on all returns. This includes their:

    • name
    • address
    • Australian financial institution account (FIA) details.

    If the most current name your client is using is different to our records, it will need to be updated with us before you lodge their returns.

    Checking a client's name

    You can check the name we have listed for your client by:

    • viewing the Client details in Online services for agents
    • requesting an Income Tax Client List through PLS.
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