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  • Guidelines for contractors and suppliers

    Work health and safety requirements for contractors and suppliers

    We are committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of our workers.

    We actively assess and control risks that may affect the health and safety of workers and third parties.

    When doing business with us, contractors and suppliers are expected to contribute to creating a safe and healthy workplace by complying with the following information.

    Information security guidelines for contractors

    The Australian Government expects the ATO to create and maintain an appropriate security environment for the protection of its functions and official resources.

    The Australian Government Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) sets out the policies, practices and procedures that all Australian Government departments and agencies must comply with.

    Record-keeping standards for our contractors

    Proper record keeping is a crucial part of all government administration and accountability. It is the basis for establishing and maintaining documentary evidence of government activities and decisions supporting good business practice.

    The need for proper record keeping is equally applicable whether government business is conducted within government agencies or the activities are outsourced.

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