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  • Guidelines for contractors and suppliers

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    Our supplier commitment, values and ethical business relationship statement

    Our commitment

    We are committed to working with businesses in an efficient, effective, economical and ethical manner to achieve better outcomes for all parties that provide us with goods and services.

    We expect suppliers who work with us to act in an ethical manner and support our values so we can achieve mutual trust in our relationships and ensure our business dealings withstand public scrutiny.

    Businesses and government agencies working with an ethical business relationship statement consistently achieve better results and reduce their costs.

    We can realise these benefits through:

    • improved business relationships
    • reduced disagreements
    • quicker and easier problem resolution
    • support for ways of considering innovations from business
    • businesses being assisted to advance their organisational objectives in a fair and ethical manner.

    Our values

    We value being:

    • fair and professional
    • applying the rule of law
    • responsive to challenges and opportunities applying equally to us when conducting business with suppliers.

    We are committed to the Australian Public Service (APS) Code of Conduct and APS values set out in the Public Service Act 1999. These identify government and community expectations about the professionalism and integrity of the APS, and the important values and principles that guide public administration.

    Ethical business relationship statement

    The Ethical business relationship (EBR) statement details codes of conduct and mutual responsibilities in business dealings between the us and our suppliers.

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    Work health and safety requirements for contractors and suppliers

    We are committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of our workers.

    We actively assess and control risks that may affect the health and safety of workers and third parties.

    When doing business with us, contractors and suppliers are expected to contribute to creating a safe and healthy workplace by complying with certain principles and legislative requirements.

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    Information security guidelines for contractors

    The Australian Government expects us to create and maintain an appropriate security environment for the protection of our functions and official resources.

    The Australian Government Protective Security Policy FrameworkExternal Link (PSPF) sets out the policies, practices and procedures that all Australian Government departments and agencies must comply with.

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    Records management

    Records management is a crucial part of all government administration and accountability. It is the basis for establishing and maintaining documentary evidence of government activities and decisions supporting good business practice.

    It ensures records are managed in accordance with business, community and legal requirements.

    The need for records management is equally applicable whether government business is conducted within government agencies or the activities are outsourced.

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    Payment terms

    When and how you will receive payment for your contracted goods or services will depend upon the cost, duration and complexity of the contract.

    For some procurements, payment can also be made through progressive instalments or at different stages of the contract, also known as milestone payments. If this is the case refer to your contract for dates and if any performance or other dependencies are linked to payment terms.

    The ATO is now e-invoicing enabled and will be able to pay eligible suppliers in five days if they switch to e-invoicing. Since 1 January 2020, federal government agencies capable of receiving e-invoices are committed to start paying e-invoices up to $1 million in contract value within five days or pay interest on any late payments to eligible suppliers.

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