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  • ATO Graduate Program recruitment process

    Find out how to apply for the ATO Graduate Program and what the recruitment process involves.

    Applications for the 2023 ATO Graduate Program are now closed.

    On this page

    Who can apply for our graduate program

    You can apply for our graduate program if you:

    • are an Australian citizen at the time of applying and are willing to undergo police and character checks as required
    • have completed your university degree in the last 3 years, or you're in your final year of study. By the time you start our program, you must have completed all your course requirements.

    Lodging your application

    When completing your online application, we will ask you to provide:

    • personal information
    • details of your qualifications – we'll ask you to include your current academic transcript (as an attachment – maximum 3 MB)
    • a statement verifying your qualifications if you have overseas qualifications (as an attachment – maximum 3 MB).

    Tips on lodging your application:

    • Have all the required information ready when you start your application.
    • Save your application regularly to ensure you don't lose any data. The page will time out if it's inactive for more than 30 minutes.
    • Have your resume ready – we may ask for it at a later stage if you progress.

    Lodging data and human resources applications

    If you want to apply for data or human resources (HR) positions in the ATO, the application process is different.

    You must apply through the Australian Government Graduate ProgramExternal Link (AGGP) only. Do not apply through the ATO.

    You can then select the ATO and other government agencies as your preference and we will receive your application.

    The AGGP offers graduates job opportunities across multiple disciplines. The ATO is a participating agency in the Data and Human Resources (HR) streams of the AGGP. This means you will only have to go through the application and selection process once to be considered for several Australian Government agencies, including the ATO.

    HR Graduate program

    For more information about the HR Graduate Program, visit HR StreamExternal Link.

    Data Graduate program

    For more information about the Data Graduate Program, visit Data StreamExternal Link.

    Australian Government Graduate Program logo.

    After you lodge

    Once you've lodged your online application, you'll receive a notification email confirming your submission.

    If you don't receive an acknowledgement email, you can check we have received your application by logging in to eRecruitmentExternal Link and selecting My profile then View emails.

    You can update your personal details at any time by logging in to eRecruitment. However, you can't change any other details in your application.

    If there are issues with your application, email us at

    Assessment activities

    There are several stages of assessment in the process. You will need to perform strongly in each assessment to progress to the next stage, including application, online activities and interview.

    You will receive notification of the outcome of each stage, even if you are not successful.

    Preliminary decision

    At this point, we will review your performance from all assessment stages of the process and determine your suitability for the merit pool.

    Unsuccessful candidates can get feedback about their assessment centre performance after the selection process has finished.

    Final checks

    If your application is successful, we will phone you to confirm your availability for the graduate program.

    We will then undertake several checks:

    • We will confirm you are or will be an Australian citizen upon starting the program.
    • If you are still studying, we will confirm you are on track to complete your university qualifications by 31 December 2022.
    • You will need to satisfy our integrity check. We will confirm your identity, check police records, and ask you to complete 2 forms – a declaration of secrecy and compliance with tax and superannuation obligations. Additional checks may also be required.

    For more information about pre-engagement integrity checks for candidates who are not current ongoing employees of the ATO, see Your integrity matters.


    After we have confirmed your availability and completed our integrity check, we will send you a formal offer.

    We anticipate making offers from September 2022.

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