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    End of attention

    Publication of further operational information

    A key focus for us is to publish further operational information to better meet the requirements of paragraph 8(2)(j) of the FOI Act.

    We have designed a user-centric strategy to publish operational information that:

    • meets the intent of the Act
    • meets the government's policy on access to government agency information
    • is consistent with our strategic vision of engaging the community.

    We have developed a citizen view of the key interactions they have with us. This provides a structure to develop and publish a suite of operational information products.

    A publication schedule is being updated that gives priority to the most sought-after operational information.

    The associated risk assessment for the strategy considered the:

    • corporate driver to provide high-level transparency on our operational decisions and recommendations
    • resources needed to take a comprehensive 'audit and publish' approach of all operational information, balanced against the value to the community of such an approach
    • potential for taxpayer disadvantage if operational information is not published as outlined in the note to paragraph 8(2)(j)
    • concern that in the short-term, our efforts to be more open and accountable to the community will not be recognised
    • concern that in the short-term, we will not be assessed as being fully compliant with the legislated requirements.
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