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  • The Department's indexed list of files

    In accordance with the Senate Order, a department's relevant files are those relating to the policy advising functions of the department or agency, including any relating to the development of legislation and other matters of public administration, and excludes:

    • files transferred to the National Archives of Australia
    • files essentially related to the internal administration of the department (staff or personnel, accounts, training, or general administrative matters)
    • case related files (for example personal representation or dealing with the personal affairs of departmental or agency clients).

    In addition, a department's lists do not include files whose titles would disclose the deliberations of Cabinet or representations to the Minister.

    In accordance with the Order, information in file titles may be sanitised to remove any part of that name or title which would necessarily disclose commercially confidential, identifiably personal or national security matters.

    The ATO's files which meet the Order's criteria are listed.

      Last modified: 24 Sep 2020QC 27160