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  • Data cut-off dates, rounding and abbreviations

    Data cut-off dates

    The data in these tables includes data processed up to 31 October of the following year. For example, data for the 2012–13 income year includes data processed up to 31 October 2014. The statistics are sourced from annual tax returns (including amended returns), associated schedules (such as the capital gains tax schedule) and activity statements that were processed up to 31 October 2014. Blank copies of these forms are available to review.

    Statistics in the detailed tables have been updated for the 2010–11 to 2012–13 income years and 2011–12 to 2013–14 financial years, to include returns processed up to 31 October 2014. These statistics are not necessarily complete and will continue to change as more tax returns and schedules are lodged and processed. Data for the 2009–10 and earlier income years and 2010–11 and earlier financial years, has not been updated in this edition.

    These statistics incorporate all return form changes in the 2012–13 income year and 2013–14 financial year. More information is contained within the relevant return form instructions.

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    Number rounding for privacy

    In order to comply with privacy legislation and regulations:

    • number indicators in all tables have been rounded to the nearest multiple of five, therefore totals may differ from the sum of their components
    • some cells in some tables have been aggregated, however this does not affect the total number of records or the total amounts.


    Abbreviations used within the publication:


    Australian Prudential Regulation Authority


    Australian taxation office


    Capital gains tax


    Fringe benefits tax


    Goods and services tax


    Luxury car tax


    Petroleum resource rent tax


    Superannuation guarantee charge


    Self–managed superannuation fund


    Wine equalisation tax

    Abbreviations used within the tables:




    dollars are shown in millions


    dollars are shown in billions


    megalitre, or one million litres


    not applicable or not available


    rounded to zero but not zero

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