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  • Notifying the ATO of your software service ID

    Your software service ID (SSID) identifies your software and is similar to a serial number. Providing us with your SSID ensures your solution can connect directly to us – keeping your information safe and secure. Your SSID is unique to you – if you use a tax or BAS agent, they will have their own.

    Where to find your SSID

    Your provider will usually display your SSID during your initial STP set up – if you can’t see it, contact your provider.

    If you don't provide us with your SSID

    We will not be able to receive your STP report without the correct SSID.

    How to notify us of your SSID

    You can log in to Access Manager, and follow these steps

    Alternatively you can phone 1300 852 232, prepared with the following information:  

    • proof of record ownership (personal tax file number, date of birth, address, recent ATO notice)
    • your Australian Business Number (ABN) the name or ABN of your software provider
    • your unique SSID (provided by your software provider).

    If you are a registered agent providing a payroll service

    You need to provide us with the correct software ID:

    • You use your own SSID if lodging STP reports for your clients - your SSID is connected to your registered agent number (RAN) and ABN.
    • You use your client's unique SSID if they are lodging their own STP reports, and you are only assisting them to get ready - your client's SSID will be connected to their business ABN.

    To complete the one-off notification see above on how to notify the ATO of your SSID.

    If you are a registered agent providing a payroll service and need to notify us of multiple SSIDs you can submit a bulk notification request.

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