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  • Instalment notices for GST and PAYG instalments

    You'll receive a quarterly instalment notice, instead of a business activity statement (BAS), if you:

    • report and pay your GST or pay as you go (PAYG) instalments quarterly
    • pay using the instalment amount advised by us (option 1)
    • have no other reporting requirements.

    Your instalment notice will have a:

    • GST instalment amount displayed at G21 (if relevant)
    • PAYG instalment amount at T7.

    Paying your instalment amount

    You need to:

    • pay the total GST/PAYG instalment amount by the due date on the notice
    • keep the instalment notice for your records – don't return it to us.

    Varying your instalment amount

    If you think that paying the instalment amount on your notice will result in you paying more (or less) than your expected tax for the income year, you can vary it on the notice.

    If you don’t wish to vary, you can just pay for the quarter. Then you’ll:

    • make a payment or receive a refund of GST when you lodge your Annual GST Return
    • pay income tax or receive a refund when you lodge your tax return.

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    Last modified: 25 Jul 2019QC 33682