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  • Consolidation pathway

    There is a pathway of key steps in choosing, forming and operating as a consolidated group:

    • Choosing

    Consolidation is optional. A group needs to determine its eligibility, analyse the costs and benefits of consolidating, and choose whether and when to consolidate. The choice to consolidate is irrevocable once it is made.

    • Forming a consolidated group

    Consolidating a group involves planning and implementing new systems and calculating a consolidated income tax position for the group as a whole.

    Among other things, the head company needs to:

    • determine asset values for joining subsidiaries
    • transfer losses and calculate a utilisation rate
    • transfer franking credits and foreign tax credits
    • deal with the other tax attributes of the joining subsidiaries.

    • Operating as a consolidated group

    Operating as a consolidated group requires the head company to, among other things:

    • make a choice to form a consolidated group with effect from a certain date
    • notify the ATO of its choice to consolidate in the approved form within the prescribed time
    • calculate, report and pay the group’s PAYG instalments
    • determine, report and make any balancing adjustments to meet the group’s annual income tax liabilities
    • manage any ongoing income tax liabilities and supply income tax information to the ATO when required, and manage the entry and exit of subsidiary members, including notifying the ATO.
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