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  • Engaging a worker

    Image shows a range of employees.

    If you're thinking of hiring, or have already hired, someone to work in your business, it's important to understand your tax and super obligations.

    We have resources available to help you get things right from the start.

    In this section

    Before you hire your first worker
    Check the registrations you need and how to set up your business before hiring your first worker

    Hiring a new worker
    How to determine whether your worker is an employee or contractor, and what forms to complete

    While people work for you
    Work out how much tax and super you need to pay on behalf of a worker, and how to report and lodge

    When a worker leaves your business
    Work out a worker's final pay and entitlements when they leave your business

    When you're no longer hiring workers
    How to finalise your employer tax and super obligations when you stop hiring workers

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