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  • Receiving your credits

    We will work out your fuel tax credit amount and pay it into your nominated bank account. We will issue you a notice of assessment advising you of the amount and send you a new claim form.

    If you have any other tax debts, or some other Australian Government debts, your fuel tax credits may be offset against them.

    Fuel tax credits and your tax return

    Fuel tax credits you claimed for fuel you used to generate domestic electricity are not assessable income and you do not need to include them in your tax return.

    Fuel tax credits you claimed for fuel your non-profit organisation used to operate emergency vehicles or vessels are assessable income. This means you must include them in your organisation's tax return.

    However, this does not apply if you operate a non-profit organisation that is exempt from income tax. Non-profit organisations that are exempt from income tax do not need to lodge tax returns unless specifically asked to.

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