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  • Frequently asked questions on service entity arrangements


    Following release of the Tax Office publication titled Yourservice entity arrangements NAT 13086 (the guide) and TR 2006/2 in April 2006, a number of enquiries have been received. The following material attempts to answer some frequently asked questions, clear up some misconceptions associated with the guide and provide additional guidance material.

    Please ensure that you refer to the latest online version of this material for guidance purposes as the material is subject to change from time to time and additional content may be provided.

    The questions and answers set out below are for clarification purposes only and are not a substitute for the law or our authoritative interpretation of the law on service entity arrangements contained in taxation rulings IT 276 and TR 2006/2. However, if you follow this material and it contains incorrect or misleading statements that cause you to make a mistake, interest and penalty protection will be available.

      Last modified: 15 May 2015QC 20302