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  • Annual review meeting

    The annual review meeting provides an opportunity to:

    • discuss risks that have already been disclosed and any mitigation strategies
    • raise any other risks that either you or we are concerned about
    • agree on which risks require further mitigation and what mitigation strategies are required
    • determine whether any further information or work is required by either party in order for us to sign off on the year or period
    • confirm your internal assurance processes are operating effectively.

    We will also discuss with you our ongoing relationship and how we will continue to work together.

    Once the annual review is completed, we will issue a letter confirming that, subject to any noted conditions, the tax return for a particular year or specific periods in the case of GST, are closed from further review or audit.

    We will also outline any mitigation strategies we have agreed to if there are any ongoing issues we cannot resolve at that time.

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