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  • Ownership

    The 1,197 foreign-owned entities make up over half (54%) of the corporate transparency population in 2017–18 and account for around a quarter (26%) of tax payable. Australian public entities account for 27% (594) of the population and 67% of tax payable, while Australian private entities account for 19% (423) of the population and 6% of tax payable.

    Figure 18: Corporate entities, by ownership segment, 2017–18

    There were 2,214 entities in scope for the transparency report in 2017–18. They include 594 Australian public entities, 423 Australian private entities and 1,197 foreign-owned entities.

    Figure 19: Tax payable – corporate entities, by ownership segment, 2017–18

    Entities in the population are grouped into three ownership segments. This figure shows the number of corporate entities in each ownership segment, the number with positive taxable income and tax payable amounts, and the amount of tax payable. In 2017–18, there were 1,197 foreign-owned entities (54% of the corporate transparency population accounting for 26% of tax payable); 594 Australian public entities (27% of the population accounting for 67% of the tax payable); and 423 Australian private entities (19% of the population accounting for 6% of tax payable).

    Corporate entities and groups

    Around one million entities lodge company income tax returns in Australia. At the time of publication, the 2,214 corporate tax entities reported in the transparency report represent approximately 63% of total company income tax payable in 2017–18.

    However, these entities are not necessarily standalone entities and are sometimes part of a group of entities.

    As shown in Figure 20, the 2017–18 corporate transparency population consists of entities that belong to 1,740 unique economic groups, as well as 208 standalone entities. The majority of economic groups in the corporate transparency population have linked entities outside the scope of this measure.

    Figure 20: Corporate transparency population groups and entities, 2017–18

    1,948 economic groups and standalone entities were to some degree in scope for the transparency report in 2017–18, comprising 1,740 economic groups and 208 standalone entities.

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