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  • Correcting PAYG instalments

    If you realise you have made a mistake working out your pay as you go (PAYG) instalment, you can fix or amend it by:

    • revising your activity statement before the due date
    • varying your instalment amount or rate on a future activity statement.

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    Why you may need to correct your instalments

    You may need to correct or adjust your current activity statement if you:

    • made a mistake in entering a figure
    • underestimated your varied instalment amount or rate
    • forgot to report some income, a gain or a deduction.

    How to correct your instalments

    You can correct your mistake on your current activity statement. You must revise it before:

    • your activity statement is due
    • you lodge your tax return for the year (if you lodge it before your activity statement is due).

    You can also correct a mistake by varying your instalment on a future activity statement. It must be an activity statement for the same income year.

    If you varied your amount or rate and want to change your instalment back to the original amount or rate, you will need to lodge another variation.

    Lodging a revision or variation

    The easiest way to revise your activity statement or vary your PAYG instalment is through online services.

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