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  • How to lodge and pay PAYG instalments

    You can lodge and pay your pay as you go (PAYG) instalments online, by mail or through a tax agent or BAS agent.

    On this page

    Find your activity statement or instalment notice

    If you lodge online, your activity statement or instalment notice is in your ATO Online services account. Otherwise it is mailed to you.

    We will issue your statement or notice when it is time to make a PAYG instalment. For most people this is at the end of each quarter.

    Your statement or notice shows:

    • your instalment rate or amount
    • the due date of your next instalment. If you pay quarterly, the due date is generally 28 days after the end of the quarter.

    Check if you need to lodge

    If you receive an activity statement you must complete your activity statement and lodge it.

    If you receive an instalment notice and you:

    • pay the amount shown on the notice, you do not need to lodge it – just pay the instalment amount by the due date
    • want to vary the instalment amount, you need to complete and lodge the instalment notice.

    If you wish to correct a PAYG instalment, you have to lodge your statement or notice.

    Lodge your activity statement or instalment notice


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    By mail

    Australian Taxation Office
    Locked Bag 1936
    ALBURY NSW 2460

    Through an agent

    You can lodge through a tax or BAS agent.

    Pay your PAYG instalment

    The easiest way to pay the ATO is electronically by BPAY®, credit card or debit card.

    The payment details, including your payment reference number, will be shown in your:

    • Online services account, if you lodge online
    • printed activity statement, if you lodge by mail.
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