• August


    11 Aug 

    Activity statements

    Quarter 4 (April – June) activity statements lodged electronically – final date for lodgment and payment.

    Refer to Lodge your activity statements online for information on your eligibility for this later due date.

    Finalising all your PAYG instalments before you lodge your tax return will ensure you receive the correct amount of credit in your income tax assessment.

    14 Aug 

    PAYG withholding

    PAYG withholding payment summary annual report – final date for lodgment.

    Use this to summarise all payments to your employees and other payees and the amounts withheld from salary and wages and other payments.

    These amounts should have been reported at labels W1 and W2 on previous financial year activity statements.

    21 Aug 

    Activity statements

    July monthly activity statements – final date for lodgment and payment.

    21 Aug


    Final date for eligible monthly GST reporters to elect to report GST annually.

    28 Aug

    Taxable payments annual report

    Taxable payments annual report for businesses in the building and construction industry due for lodgment.

    Last modified: 30 Jul 2015QC 32041