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    • Quarterly TFN and ABN report (QTFN report)
    • Annual investment income report (AIIR)
    • Transfer of shares and units Listed Entities report

    2018 reporting tips and reminders

    Due date for AIIR is 31 October. You must use version 11.0.1 if you are reporting:

    • share and unit transactions through the AIIR
    • exploration credits or distributions containing exploration credits
    • credits for amounts withheld from foreign resident capital gains withholding payments
    • early stage investor tax offsets or early stage venture capital limited partnership tax offsets.

    This also applies if you are:

    • an Attribution managed investment trust
    • a Farm management deposit provider who is offering a loan offset account facility.

    Extension of time

    If you’re unable to lodge the AIIR by 31 October, you can apply for an extension of time to lodge.

    Prefill availability

    Our Prefill availability web page is widely accessed and used by individuals to check when their interest, dividend, welfare or private health fund prefill data is available to assist them with lodging their tax returns. During tax time we update it daily to show which entities have provided their data.


    Electronic Reporting Specifications (ERS) News

    Currency exchange rate for transaction data (TRN) reporting

    If you receive the warning message:

    'Reason code: WM536 When the Reporting transaction or CGT calculations is TRN this field must be reported.'

    Be aware that this warning message will generate when the 'Sale of Securities Data Record' fields are:

    • 'Currency used to calculate' field (7.164) is AUD
    • 'Currency exchange rate used to calculate' field (7.165) is reporting zero.

    To avoid the warning messages for this field, populate the 'Currency exchange rate used to calculate' field with 0000001000000 to indicate that it takes $1 AUD to buy $1 AUD.

    Price per security field

    In the 'Sale of Securities Data Record, the Price per security' field (7.162) has a field type of Conditional (C). This means where certain conditions are met this field must be completed. This field must be greater than zero when a monetary value is received or provided for the purchase or sale.

    If the condition is not met, such as where there is no price to report, the field may be zero filled.

    PC Spreadsheet News

    AIIR spreadsheet template for 2017–18 reporting

    The Annual investment income report (AIIR) PC spreadsheet specification v6.0.0External Link is now final.

    The PC spreadsheet template is now available and includes cells for reporting the transfer of shares and units data. Reporting the transfer of shares and units starts from 1 July 2018 for the 2017–18 period.

    The template is on the same webpage as the specification and should be used in conjunction with the specification.

    Reporting security level data in the PC spreadsheet

    In the AIIR PC spreadsheet, the Security level data is recorded in the header section with one cell for each data element. As such, only one Security level record can be reported per spreadsheet. If you need to report more than one you will need to submit another spreadsheet.

    The Security level data elements are used to report:

    • cost base adjustments
    • liquidator’s declarations
    • name change.

    For an example of a Security level data record see page 13 of the Transfers of shares and units - companion guide for reporting in the AIIRExternal Link

    Nil reports

    One of the changes from version 5.0.0 to version 6.0.0 of the PC spreadsheet is the inclusion of Nil reports. Where an investment body does not have any AIIR amounts to report for that financial year they can lodge a Nil report.

    To lodge a Nil report PC spreadsheet, set the 'Type of report' cell in the 'Investment body identity record', to N.

    Do not report any information in these data records:

    • Security level data record
    • Investor data records
    • Investment account data records
    • Sale of securities data records.

    Are you reporting over 1,000 investments or shares and units transactions?

    The PC spreadsheet must only be used when reporting for entities that have less than 1,000 investments or transactions to report. If there are more than 1,000 investments or transactions to report you will need to either develop software in house or use the services of a commercial software provider to compile a data file in accordance with the ERSExternal Link. Some reporters outsource their AIIR reporting to a commercial supplier.

    Transfer of shares and units reporting

    Reporting of the transfer of shares and units starts from 1 July 2018 for the 2017-18 period. The type of reports and due dates for the transfer of shares and units data varies depending on what type of entity is reporting.

    Reporters, who are reporting in the AIIR, have the option of including shares and units data with their investment income. However, we recommend lodging the shares and units data on a separate report to simplify reporting.

    Due dates

    Quarterly TFN and ABN report (QTFN report)

    Lodge your QTFN reports using the ATO portals – Business PortalExternal Link or Tax Agent PortalExternal Link – no later than 28 days after the end of each quarter.

    The QTFN report is used to identify discrepancies in quoted TFNs and ABNs. It is also used to improve the quality of the data reported in the AIIR.

    You don't need to lodge a report if there are no new TFNs or ABNs for that quarter.

    See also:

    Annual investment income report (AIIR)

    All AIIR reporting is due by 31 October. However, listed entities using their AIIR to report the transfer of shares and units data must lodge by 31 July.

    See also:

    Transfer of shares and units reports

    The transfer of shares and units data must be reported by 31 July. However, Funds and Trustees must lodge their transfer of shares and units data by 31 October.

    Reporting specifications


    Check that your software has the necessary specifications:

    • from the 2016–17 year onwards, only AIIR specification v10.0.2 and above will be accepted
    • transfer of shares and units (Listed Entities) report specification v1.0.1
    • transfer of shares and units (Market Participants) report specification v1.1.0
    • transfer of shares and units (Market Participants) report XML v2.0
    • the QTFN and ABN report requires specification v6.2.

    Next steps:

    See also:


    Only investment bodies with fewer than 1,000 investments to report can use the spreadsheet format.

    Investment bodies of any size with the capacity to lodge the AIIR and QTFN reports electronically using software should continue to do so. From the 2017–18 reporting year onwards, you will need to use:

    • AIIR specification v6.0.0 and above
    • QTFN and ABN report specification v1.2.0.

    Next steps:

    Paper form

    Paper forms are no longer accepted for AIIR or QTFN.

    Lodging the report

    The AIIR, Transfer of shares and units and QTFN reports must be lodged through ATO portals.

    The lodgment method depends on the specification used to compile the report:

    • electronic reporting through the file transfer facility on a portal
    • spreadsheet reporting through the secure mail facility on a portal.

    An AUSkey is required to access an ATO portal. If you do not already have an AUSkey, further information on how to register is available below.

    See also:


    An authentication option such as AUSkey is required to lodge on a portal. Reporters moving onto a portal will need to check their user permissions through their administrator AUSkey holder.

    By logging on to Access Manager, administrators are able to access and update staff permissions immediately.

    See also:

    ATO portal outages

    Planned outages and key updates to ATO online systems – including ATO portals – are available at System maintenance.

    Help with lodging

    For help with lodging the AIIR and QTFN report, contact us by:

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