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  • eInvoicing for businesses

    eInvoicing benefits every business by saving you time and simplifying invoice management in your software. It is the new, standardised way to send and receive electronic invoices in your software.

    To start using eInvoicing you need to connect to the eInvoicing network, called Peppol. To receive eInvoices you will also need to get registered on the Peppol network.

    Get ready, plan your transition and start using eInvoicing with your trading partners to enjoy the benefits.

    An eInvoicing factsheet called eInvoicing – a better way to do business is also available.

    On this page

    Get connected and registered

    There are different options to connect and register on the Peppol network, including through either:

    You need to choose an option that best fits your business needs and plans. To get ready, you can:

    If you need help, talk to your business adviser about eInvoicing and how to get started.

    For more information on getting started with eInvoicing, see:

    The Peppol eInvoicing standard can be used to issue an invoice that complies with the requirements of a tax invoice.

    For record keeping purposes, an eInvoice is no different to other digital records. Make sure you follow the digital record keeping rules for business.

    Plan for a smooth transition

    For a successful transition to eInvoicing, review your business processes and requirements to understand your current state of invoicing, including:

    • how many invoices you send and receive, and how often
    • how you send, receive and process invoices and if you use purchase orders
    • identifying your top suppliers and buyers (by number of invoices)
    • if you use software and scanning tools to manage your accounts payable and receivable.

    Then plan for a smooth transition to eInvoicing by:

    • understanding and managing changes in business processes within your business
    • communicating with your trading partners about upcoming changes
    • encouraging your trading partners to get ready and start using eInvoicing.

    Onboard your trading partners

    To successfully onboard your trading partners, you should:

    • Test your solution with your trading partners.
    • Progressively onboard your trading partners, focussing on those with most benefit to your organisation, for example
      • high-volume suppliers, or
      • high error rate invoices.
    • Transition as many of your trade partners as possible to the eInvoicing channel to maximise your benefits.

    For more information, see eInvoicing.

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