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  • Getting started with eInvoicing for small business

    How small business can get started with eInvoicing to exchange invoices with trading partners through software.

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    How to start eInvoicing

    eInvoicing will help your small business save time and simplify invoice management. It's a standardised and easy way to send and receive invoices between the buyer's and supplier's software through a secure network.

    You and your trading partners can use any software to invoice. You can connect to the eInvoicing network called Peppol. It's not mandatory to use, but there are many benefits of Peppol eInvoicing for suppliers and buyers.

    If you’re already using software to manage invoices

    If your business management software is eInvoicing-ReadyExternal Link, getting started is quick and easy. You just need to register your software to connect to the network. Check with your software provider and follow their instructions.

    Once you've registered, you can send and receive eInvoices with any business or government entity registered on the network.

    You will need your trading partners' Australian business number (ABN). Make sure their customer records are up to date in your software.

    Ask your trading partners to register too. You will save more time and money as more of your trading partners switch to eInvoicing.

    If your invoicing software doesn’t have eInvoicing capability, consider using an eInvoicing plug-in or app that integrates with your software. Check with your sofware provider and follow their instructions.

    For more information, see our factsheet eInvoicing – a better way to do business.

    If you don't use software to manage invoices

    If you don't use business management software, consider using an eInvoicing web portal. Many service providers offer this to support small businesses that send or receive few invoices.

    Cost of eInvoicing

    For software users, the cost will depend on your software product. eInvoicing may be included in your subscription or be available as a plug-in or app that integrates with your software.

    For non-software users, there are free and low-cost web portal solutions available depending on your business needs.

    Talk to your preferred software or service provider to find out more.

    Other considerations

    • How you receive invoices will change as they will appear in your software, so you must know where to find them.
    • Think about other changes to your processes, including checking and approving eInvoices.
    • Talk to your employees and trading partners about these changes.
    • Check the eInvoicing-Ready product registerExternal Link to see if your software can eInvoice or find a web portal solution. Alternatively, talk to your software provider.
    • If you need help getting started with eInvoicing, talk to your adviser. Different business management software providers may offer different eInvoicing packages, so it's important you choose the one that is right for you.

    eInvoicing for small business video series

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    How to get started with eInvoicing

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