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    A business industry code (BIC) is a five-digit code that must be reported on relevant tax returns and schedules along with an accurate description of the business's main business activity. They come from the Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC) codes.


    For single and multiple businesses, the industry description and code should relate to the activity from which the business derived the highest gross income or incurred the smallest loss.

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    What the BIC tool does

    The BIC tool allows you to search by main business activity description to find the correct BIC to report on your tax return or schedule. You can also search by ANZSIC code or BIC to check the activities they cover.

    If you use an incorrect code, you may not receive necessary services or material from us, or your business could be incorrectly targeted for compliance activities. By reporting the correct code for your business you can avoid this.


    When using the BIC tool you should always hit the ‘search' button and not the 'enter' key on your keyboard.

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    Searching by business description

    You can try typing in an exact description of your main business activity. For example, if you type ‘Poultry meat packing’ into the search box and select 'search', you will get the BIC '11120'.

    If you don’t know the exact description of your main business activity or you are presented with an error message, try typing in a single key word that best describes your primary business activity.

    For example, if the business is abalone fishing, search under the keyword ‘abalone’ to find BIC '04191'.


    If your search results don’t exactly match your main business activity, try searching under the BIC for the closest fitting description.

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    Searching by ANZSIC or BIC

    You can type the full or partial code into the search box. This will allow you to select a corresponding description that best describes your main business activity. To confirm that your selection is the most appropriate one for your business, clicking the code will give a more detailed business activity description.


    If you can’t find a description that is a good fit for your activities, try searching using a key word that best describes your main business activity.

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    BIC tool

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