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  • Defined benefit income cap tool

    Work out if the defined benefit income cap applies to your superannuation income stream.

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    Before you use this tool

    The defined benefit income cap tool works out if the defined benefit income cap applies to you and calculates:

    • the defined benefit cap
    • the assessable income amount to report in your tax return
    • the tax offset (if you're eligible).

    From 1 July 2017, income from a capped defined benefit income stream may be taxed differently.

    The tool results are based on the:

    • information you provide
    • defined benefit threshold available at the time of calculation.

    The results are an estimate and should only be used for guidance.

    Information you need for this tool

    To work out the income cap you will need your PAYG payment summaries for each capped defined benefit income stream.

    Access the tool

    Our tool takes between 5 and 20 minutes to use.


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