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  • Superannuation benefit component calculator

    The Superannuation benefit component calculator helps superannuation funds work out the proportions or percentages of the tax free and taxable component of a superannuation interest. These values can then be applied to calculate the tax free and taxable component of a superannuation benefit.

    A superannuation benefit will consist of a tax free component and/or a taxable component. Generally, these components are determined using the proportioning rule.

    You can't use the calculator if:

    • the member's superannuation interest is from an untaxed source
    • the member's superannuation benefit is a disability superannuation benefit
    • the member's superannuation interest supports an income stream that commenced to be paid before 1 July 2007, which has not been subject to a trigger event.

    You will need to know the:

    • superannuation interest amount
    • tax free component amount
    • amount of the superannuation benefit (optional).

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