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Individual Non-business Calculator

Payee's Name
Has the payee provided a Tax File Number (TFN)?
If the payee has not provided a TFN, is the payee exempt from needing a TFN?
Is the payee an Australian Resident?
Has the payee claimed the Tax Free Threshold?
Amount the payee claimed for Tax offsets?

Medicare levy variation
Payee claiming exemption from the levy?
Payee claiming reduced amount of levy?
Does the payee have a spouse?
Is the combined weekly income of payee and payee's spouse, or the payee's income as a sole parent, less than the relevant amount in table A?
Number of dependent children claimed?

Does the payee have an accumulated Higher Education Loan Programme (HELP) debt?
Does the payee have an accumulated Financial Supplement debt?
Payee receives payments:
Gross earnings (for the period selected above)?
Disregard any cents in the total amount, unless a monthly amount. (Please do not use commas)