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  • Is any tax payable by the trustee?



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    Under the AMIT regime, the members, not the trustee, are generally taxed on amounts of an assessable income character attributed to them and entitled to credits from attributed tax offset amounts.

    However, there are situations where tax may also be payable by the trustee, typically in respect of amounts of an income character that have been under-attributed to members, or amounts of a tax offset character that have been over-attributed to members.

    If the trustee is liable to pay tax in respect of any trustee liabilities, answer Yes at this question even if payments have been made in advance.

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    Schedule A – Additional information

    If these instructions ask you to provide additional information, enter it in the text box at Schedule A – Additional information. Include a heading indicating the question or item the information relates to.

    Keep any other schedules or documents with the AMIT’s tax records.

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