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  • Attribution managed investment trust member annual statement and standard distribution statement 2023

    Guide to prepare an AMMA statement or an SDS to report tax information to resident individuals investors for 2022–23.

    About the AMMA statement or SDS
    Who should use the statements and the purpose of the statements.

    What's new?
    Find out what's new for trusts to include in the AMMA statement or SDS.

    Basis of an AMMA statement or SDS
    About the standard formatting of AMMA statement or SDS and how you can personalise.

    AMMA statement or SDS example
    A complete example of the AMMA statement or SDS parts A, B and C.

    Guidance notes
    Guidance notes to help you complete parts A, B and C of the AMMA statement or SDS.

    Additional statement information for investors
    If part B is varied then part C may also need to be varied.

    Last modified: 10 Aug 2023QC 72474