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  • Activity 2 and activity 3



    This information may not apply to the current year. Check the content carefully to ensure it is applicable to your circumstances.

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    Fill out details for the second and third largest losses (if applicable) in the same way you have done for Activity 1.

    Note: If you made a loss from more than three business activities, determine whether you need to defer the loss, for each additional business activity. You will need the total amount of your deferred non-commercial losses to complete item 15 on your tax return (supplementary section).


    The following example shows how to fill in P8 and P9 on your schedule and how the amounts link to your tax return (supplementary section).

    In 2005 Kieren had to defer his non-commercial business loss of $6,000 from his beef cattle primary production business activity. Because he operated the same activity in the 2006 income year he can claim the $6,000 as a deduction in relation to calculating any net profit or loss from the business activity for this income year. Kieren would show the amount as a deduction at D item P8 on his Business and professional items schedule for individuals 2005-06.

    P8 Business income and expenses
Deferred non-commercial business losses from a prior year
Label D Primary production: $6,000
Label E Non-primary production: nil
Total: $6,000

    This year, Kieren made a loss of $4,000. After taking into account his deferred non-commercial business loss of $6,000 from the prior year, he made a net loss of $10,000. He did not satisfy any of the non-commercial business loss criteria that allow a business loss to be used to reduce other income so he must defer the $10,000 net loss this year.

    Kieren would show the $6,000 deferred non-commercial business loss from the prior year at H item P9 and the net loss of $10,000 at I item P9 on his Business and professional items schedule for individuals 2005-06. As the loss is to be deferred he would show loss code 8 at G item P9 in the Type of loss box. See Type of loss for a description of the loss codes.

    P9 Business loss activity details 
Show details of up to three business activities in which you made a net loss this year. List them in order of size of loss - greatest first. If you are completing this item because you have deferred non-commercial business losses, you must also complete item 15 on your tax return.
Activity 1
Label D Description of activity: Beef cattle
Label E Tax Office use only: nil
Label F Partnership/Sole trader: Sole trader
Label G Type of loss: 8
Label C, Y and A Reference for code 5: nil
Label H Deferred non-commercial business loss from a prior year: $6,000
Label I Net loss: $10,000

    Kieren would also need to complete G and H item 15 on his tax return (supplementary section), deferring his $10,000 net loss. He would not be able to use this net loss to reduce his other income this year.

    15 Deferred non-commercial business losses
Label F Your share of deferred losses from partnership activities: nil
Label G Deferred losses from sole trader activities: $10,000
Label H Total deferred losses: $10,000

    End of example
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