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  • Before you lodge your application

    Make sure you have included:

    • the application form completed in full and signed
    • a copy of the trust deed, partnership agreement or corporate constitutional documents, if required
    • a copy of your warehouse procedures, if required - see Question 17
    • all attachments requested in 'Section I: Attachments' - some documents requested as part of these attachments are also included above:  
      • the corporate membership structure, if required - Attachment A
      • any related companies (private warehouse applications only) - Attachment B
      • a copy of your financial statements and business plan - Attachment C
      • an A4 copy of your warehouse site plan marked as described in the instructions - Attachment D
      • evidence of physical separation and construction materials used to construct the premises, including photographs - Attachment E
      • an asbestos statement - Attachment F
      • details of the physical security of the premises, including photographs - Attachment G
      • a copy of the certificate of title or a rates notice if you own the premises - Attachment H
      • a copy of the schedule to the lease if you are leasing the premises - Attachment H
      • documentary evidence of details of your arrangement if you do not have a formal lease - Attachment H
      • details of the examination equipment you will provide us, including certificates of calibration for storage vessels - Attachment I
      • a copy of your insurance policy - Attachment J
      • details of your manual or electronic record keeping systems - Attachment K.

    We may ask you to provide additional documentation once we have received your application.

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