The time the benefits are deemed to have been provided



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The following table sets out some of the types of benefits provided by a CFC that are subject to section 47A, the time at which they are taken to be provided and the amount of the benefit.

Type of benefit



Waiver of a debt

time the debt was waived

amount of the debt

non-arm's length loan

time the loan was made

amount of the loan

Transfer of property for no consideration

time the property was transferred

market value at time of transfer

Transfer of property or services for consideration less than market value

time the property or services were transferred

difference between the market value of the property or services and consideration paid

Payment or transfer of property for the allotment of shares or units

time the payment or transfer was made

amount paid or market value of the property transferred

Benefit provided by another entity under an arrangement with the CFC - if there is one 'arrangement transfer'

time the CFC made the arrangement transfer

amount of the arrangement transfer or market value of arrangement transfer

Benefit provided by another entity under an arrangement with the CFC - if there are several arrangement transfers

time the agreement to make the arrangement transfers was entered into

total amount of the arrangement transfers or the total market value of the arrangement transfers

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