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  • Exclusions from tainted sales income


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    Manufacturing exclusion

    The main exclusion from tainted sales income is sales where the CFC manufactures, extracts, produces or substantially alters the goods sold. This would include, for example, sales from mining and quarrying operations.

    This exclusion will apply only where the goods sold were manufactured, produced or substantially altered by the directors or employees of the CFC. The packaging and labelling of goods is not considered to be a substantial alteration of those goods.

    The exclusion will not be available where the CFC subcontracts the manufacture, production or substantial alteration to agents or subcontractors. However, the fact that a CFC subcontracts some operations will not disqualify it from the manufacturing exclusion if directors or employees of the CFC carry out a substantial part of the manufacture, production or substantial alteration.

    Hospitality exclusion

    Also excluded from tainted sales income are sales that, broadly, arise from the tourism and hospitality industry. These are sales provided in connection with a hotel, motel, guesthouse, restaurant, bar or other place of entertainment or recreation.

    Passive income exclusion

    Amounts of passive income are excluded from tainted sales income. This prevents double counting.

    Last modified: 05 Dec 2006QC 18000